Outsquare UK

In an increasingly digital world with evolving threats, London-based digital agency Outsquare UK felt it was only right to work with LZ Cybersecurity and Technologies Corporation to cover the marketing and cybersecurity needs of both companies’ clients. The partnership between the two companies with the same values will also help them expand in their respective markets.

Outsquare Partnering Up With LZ Cybersecurity And Technologies Corporation

International digital marketing agency Outsquare has partnered up with Philippines based startup, LZ Cybersecurity and Technologies Corporation in an exciting cooperation between the two brands.

The partnership will see Outsquare increase its global digital presence with an increasing client base, as well as promoting the solution to a global issue: cybersecurity. Cybersecurity and technology has advanced recently beyond anyone’s expectations, however big firms have been hit with cyber attacks numerous times within the past weeks and months. We felt it was morally optimal to work with LZ to serve our and their clients a solution.

Our partnership will aim to confront the expectations of a technology corporation and its uses.

Outsquare CEO Marian Catana, spoke on the partnership in the release: ” I”m so excited to work with a wonderful team at LZ Cybersecurity and Technologies Corporation, by bridging the digital presence of both companies, disruption to both industries is the aim to meet social trends of the advancing technology. The management team at LZ are amazing to work with, and before starting our partnership, both of our companies had the same aims and visions, so this cooperation is optimal for both of ours brands.