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What we provide?

Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are two inseparable security procedure that focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in a system infrastructure.


A web application penetration test is a comprehensive analysis of both unauthenticated and authenticated of a website — scanning and identify the current risk, threat and security holes within a client’s web application or website.

Network VAPT

The main objective is to identify the vulnerabilities inside the company’s premises and authorize machines that are connected to the company’s intranet/ Local Area Network (LAN) which includes and is limited to internal servers, printers, data components, database servers, file servers, computers, switches, and routers.

Mobile VAPT

Our phones are now an entry point for Penetration Testers to get our data. The Mobile Application can be exploited with mobile devices alone and can be both analyze in Android and iOS platforms with a category of dynamic and static.

Cloud Security Testing

Cloud Security Testing is a new model on securing the protection of data, applications, services, and infrastructure hosted in cloud.

Web Server Deployment

In order for us to develop or use CMS, ERPs, and other web applications we first need a web server or a web host.


We are here to guide you in Cybersecurity Awareness, Digital Transformation, DICT Compliance, hardware and software related concerns.

What is Vulnerability Assessment (VA)?

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is the process wherein we identify and scan the current
risk, threat and security holes in a networks, web and even mobile application. It adopts
a scanning approach which is done both manually and with certain tools. In here, the
experts analyses the security’s overall weaknesses that can help identify vulnerabilities.

What is Penetration Testing (PT)?

Penetration Test or Penetration Testing (PT) is a proof-of-concept approach to assess the security, explore or exploit a computer system or network’s vulnerabilities by simulating an attacker’s intrusion. 

Penetration Testing also validates the vulnerability that needs to be remediated or patched. In other words, the VA process demonstrate vulnerabilities while PT give the result of how bad it is.

Who needs VAPT services?

  • Information and Communication
  • Finance Industry (e.g. Banking, Lending, others)
  • Fintech and Stock Trading
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transportation (e.g. Aviation, Maritime, others)
  • Government Agencies
  • Other businesses whose integration is to digital.