About Us

LZ Cybersecurity and Technologies Corporation was established in February 2020. As the current global crisis urged the majority of industries to go digital; the Company has earned the trust of our newly formed partners and affiliates through quality service. Composed of accomplished specialists in cybersecurity, ethical hacking, innovation, research, and policies—LZ Cybersecurity and Technologies Corporation aims to create a safer cyberspace for businesses and the community.

We treat our clients as collaborators. With the commitment to meet our clients’ needs effectively and efficiently, we partner with different leading providers in IT and Cybersecurity and immerse our team continuously in training and development.

"Diversity. Intelligence. Professionalism."


LZ Cybersecurity and Technologies provides the highest caliber of cybersecurity services and information technology solutions in order to create, promote, and sustain a safe cyberspace.


To be the leader in innovative research, policy guidance, and technical insights. To guide organizations and businesses regarding the best information security practices. To serve our clients and business partners with utmost excellence. To educate and increase cybersecurity awareness within private sectors, the government, and the general public.

Partners and Affiliates