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What is web application VAPT?

The use of web applications became a norm by different organizations and sectors to sell, advertise and engage with their clientele and target audience. It has also made them a profitable target for attackers and by these reasons, a regular vulnerability assessment of website is a necessity on securing data, protecting privacy and refraining any intrusions in the future.

A web application penetration test is a comprehensive analysis of both unauthenticated and authenticated of a website— scanning and identify the current risk, threat and security holes within a client’s web application or website. The common vulnerabilities for web application (OWASP Top 10) are SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, Local and Remote File Inclusion, HTML5 Attacks, CMS Vulnerability, Session Security, Authentication and Authorization, XPath, Web Services, Cross-site
Request Forgery, XML Injection.


  • Executive Summary
  • Technical Report
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Remediation Recommendations
  • Overall Conclusions
Executive Summary
Technical Report
Remediation Recommendations
Overall Conclusions

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Network VAPT

The main objective is to identify the vulnerabilities inside the company’s premises and authorize machines that are connected to the company’s intranet/ Local Area Network (LAN) which includes and is limited to internal servers, printers, data components, database servers, file servers, computers, switches, and routers.

Mobile VAPT

Our phones are now an entry point for Penetration Testers to get our data. The Mobile Application can be exploited with mobile devices alone and can be both analyze in Android and iOS platforms with a category of dynamic and static.


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